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REDS Advertising will design a modern and easy to navigate website which includes: design and create web pages, logo designs, content management systems (CMS), customise Joomla templates or Word Press, eCommerce, virtual carts and shopping, search engine optimisation (SEO) and YouTube video uploads.

Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development



The starting point will be to articulate the objectives you would have for your website. The entire design and build process is undertaken so as to ensure your objectives are achieved.

Your objectives will translate into a number of key components required to ensure your objectives are met. For example, is it important that you provide your website visitors with an ability to order and pay for products online. Would you want your visitors to be able to work through product and price options, before placing an order online. Do you want to take your potential customers ‘on a journey of discovery’, learning more about the products and services you provide, provide them access to research material, the reasons why they should choose your product, and so provide those potential customers with a rich ‘vein of intellectual property’ which locks their attention onto your site.

CMS Web Design

CMS Web Design



The design template is then created according to the brief and a series of options will be provided to enable you and your team to work through these options, suggest changes, and with our input, perfect the all-important visual impact of the website. 

The artwork then moves from the design desk to our expert developers for implementation. A prototype website is created and we work with you to assemble the textual content, graphics, images, video clips, blogs and linkages into a working website.

Web and Graphic Design

Web and Graphic Design



The website must be so designed as to lead the site visitor – your prospective customer, down a conversion funnel to a point when an enquiry is made, a quote is requested, or an order is made and possibly paid for whilst that customer is on your website.



This is an extremely important phase. You would provide us with a series of words, phrases, and questions that may be used by your prospective clients searching for your particular products and services. We will then undertake keyword research on each of these words, and any associated words or phrases that come to light during our research.

Web Design and Marketing

Web Design and Marketing



If you want to be able to update your website yourself, we will provide you with a Content Management System to enable you to perform various tasks to add, remove, update and manage the content.

Another powerful aspect of content management incorporates the ability to monitor activity on your website (such as discovering how many people are viewing your site) and feedback from visitors (such as online enquiries).

Your Content Management Systems will enable you to:

  • Update the content of standard pages
  • Add, update and remove Products and Services
  • Create and manage image and photo galleries
  • Manage your Blog / news section Managing an Events Calendar / workshops diary
  • Determine how many people are visiting your site and how they find you.
  • Upload files for your visitors to download
  • Manage a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area Reviewing customer feedback and enquiries
  • Manage a catalogue of items (e.g. a product catalogue or business directory)
  • Manage user access for private areas of your website

Web Design and SEO Services

Web Design and SEO Services


The optimal words and phrases that we identify through this process are then integrated into the draft textual content for each page.



The website content is key to underpinning the success of the website in achieving your goals and objectives.

The content must be:

  • Relevant
  • Captivating, and
  • Compelling



The entire website must be designed to provide a cohesive presentation to your target customers of your company, its products and services, its values and its expert and professional people.

The website must be simple to navigate, and be visually appealing - rich in colour, graphics, and images.

You would draft the content for each page on the site using those keywords that we would have pre-identified. We will edit the text, make suggested changes and re-submit to yourself for sign-off.

You would then, with our assistance and guidance, assemble the various graphics, video clips, images, testimonials and product profiles for inclusion in the website.


If your site starts slipping and traffic tails off, we will work with you to ensure your website remains at the ‘top of the tree’. 

REDS Advertising will review and re-calibrate your website continuously so that it meets the dynamic Google search engine algorithmic design criteria, and keeps your business top of mind, in the hunt and capturing new clients.

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