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Outdoor Advertising & Signage

Outdoor is often part of a brand’s multi-media communication strategy, incorporating most candidate media. Outdoor is able to play an integral role in the media plan, by using the following: • Banners and flags • Billboards • Vehicle curtains • Vehicle signage from small decals to full vehicle graphics • Building wraps • Construction wraps The Role of Outdoor Advertising The rationale for the use of the medium ranges from cost-effectiveness to optimal reach to unparalleled frequency. It is able to draw huge audiences, at a fraction of the cost of other media. The reach of Outdoor advertising compares favourably with other media (Billboards last 4 -8 months). Fashion advertising on billboards is used very effectively to create awareness and increase sales. On average, a person travelling on the road will see your billboard for about three seconds. The message should be short and to the point with more on images than on text. The text must be written on the billboard large enough to be read easily. The latest technology now available is such that one can create incredibly eye-catching advertisements. Placement is extremely crucial to the success of the campaign. The human eye will rapidly fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time and avoid boredom. Thus said, positioning ads at bus stops, busy intersections and/or along highways prone to high volume can be ingenious. This can be a big advantage when you have a business you want to draw traffic to right off a particular highway...

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