There are well over 1300 business to business publications published in South Africa. The choice narrows down significantly to what industry you are in and what your target audience is.
Your advertising expenditure should be based on rand per reader and who receives the magazine. CEO's, managers and opinion leaders are normally targeted with the magazine circulated around the firm and staying at the reception for further reading by visitors.

promotional items Reds Tips 06Some areas to consider on which magazine to advertise in:
* What industry and market?
* Is the magazine dedicated to your industry?
* Who is it targeted?
* What is the reach?
* What is the circulation and is it verified?
* Is it an official journal to the industry?
* Does the publication come out timeously?

* Is it a good quality magazine?
* Does the magazine have a good format and look that enhances its credibility?
* Is the editorial well written?
* Are the articles practical and interesting?
* Do they feature stories that benefit you and the industry?
* Does it have local news or product updates so one keeps informed on the trends in the industry?

Normally the advert only has 3 -5 seconds to attract the reader's attention therefore the campaign must work towards this time constraint.
Some areas to consider when conceptualising an ad campaign.

* The message should be clear and have an impact.
* The creative work should not overshadow the message.
* It must attract the audience attention within 3 seconds and gain an interest in the reader's mind.
* Once interest is gained it should create a desire to purchase or make inquiries.
* The product must be the hero.
* Is the ad completely believable?
* Is the ad likeable?
* Is the theme one that will last?

The ad campaign must create awareness and build brand equity.

copyright extracts from Fine Papers Printing Handbook