Reds Advertising designs labels or tags that will give buyers the relevant information to make the decision to purchase your product. If the label jumps out with an attractive look it will grab your attention and with clear and concise information it makes the decision to buy your product that much easier.

Marketing strategy Reds TipsLabels also help to build the brand and position the product into the market. The design of the label can materially affect its level of preference by offering cues to the consumer such as the quality of the product.

A strong company name will often transfer powerful associations to new products such as 3M, Sony and Kellogg's.

The label should make a spontaneous response to words that come to mind when shown.

Consumers interpret scenes in which a brand plays a role. The culture conveyed by the brand core, its personality and its self-projection all comes into play when the consumer looks at your label.

The label on the product should be incorporated in the brand themes and effective selling, advertising and promotional campaigns will communicate the brand's function and psychological values, trigger trial and reinforce commitment.

The label as a silent salesperson can effectively enter new market segments and increase brand usage.

The easiest and normally cheapest way to improve sales is to repackage your product that will attract the consumer's attention. This also repositions your product and brand in the market thereby improving market share.

With new narrow web technology, lithographic, letterpress, flexographic printing and ink manufacturing the ways to design and print the label are limitless. The different types of material that can be printed on are also limitless with every type of label that can be used for all industries.

Labels are a cost-effective way to maintain and increase your market share with the added knowledge that it is selling the product for you.