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Why Sponsorship has rewards for both business and society

A committed and well-managed approach to sponsorship results in vast and multifaceted long term benefits and rewards. The following benefits are unique to sponsorship:

productivity Reds Tips 02Sponsorship positions your company with your target market's interest and is responsive to their preferences, lifestyles and attitudes. This is achieved because sponsorship allows for niche marketing.
Many events and activities enable different sponsorships and can be selected to fit requirements. The opportunity to connect with consumers on a one-to-one by associating the brand or company with the qualities of the event is utilized.

Brand Equity
The qualities of a sponsored event, through association, can expand, reinforce or even alter brand personalities traits. Sponsorship can serve as an important branding vehicle and is a unique way of generating brand loyalty and long term corporate awareness.

Media Exposure
Sponsorship is the only form of marketing communication where the message does not compete with other promotional clutter.
It can extend the ad campaign by creating a dynamic, interactive environment that makes the key message more relevant and persuasive.

Sponsorship provides coverage and brand awareness at a more favorable rate than traditional advertising. It adds value and incorporates public relations and social responsibility programmes.

Industrial Labour Relations
The morale of staff is influenced by your company reputation and image.

Open Doors
Corporate hospitality, reputation and a good corporate image can enhance its ability o do business with local and national governments. This produces access that otherwise would be costly and difficult to achieve.

Cross All Frontiers
Sponsorship is global and crosses all barriers of bureaucracy, national prejudice and language.
The creation of a long term relationship with an event and the community is the most valuable result of sponsorship. The perception that sponsorship is adding the event enables your company and its brands to achieve a degree of public acceptance and respect that is not restricted to fans of a particular event or activity.

A successful and sensitive sponsorship communicates that the company not only manufactures a successful brand, but the brand is part of wider beneficial involvement in the society and which the consumer is a participating member.

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