Sales, Support or Lead Generation...
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Having a virtual assistant on your website is a great way to increase sales, or help with support, or even capture email addresses and telephone numbers to increase your leads.

A Reds Smart Bot can be your no.1 Sales Representative.

If the home page of your website is your shop front, then what do you have to sell your services or products?

Putting a salesperson that is ready to promote products, provide guidance or advice, or even capture leads, is the best way to increase your shopfronts profitability.

It does not matter what type of site you have, or what type of business you run, adding a Reds Smart Bot to your site will increase user interaction, keeping clients longer on your site...

It's no secret why the big businesses have chatbots on their sites... It Works, and now you can have your own Reds Smart Bot, and turn visitors into sales, and into leads.

You can have 1 Smart Bot on your website, or even multiple Smart Bots for different roles. Have a Reds Sales Smart Bot for product or order pages, and a Reds Support Smart Bot for your Contact Pages, or FAQ Pages... At the low price of only R150.00 (Ex VAT) per month, an you really afford not to have a Smart Bot?

Every Smart Bot is hand engineered to be unique to your website, so each smart bot has a once off setup fee of R450.00 (Ex VAT).

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If big companies like Sony have implemented Smart Bots, then at this price you can afford to outperform your competitors!