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How to become a "Customer-Led Company"

The core idea of the customer-led company is to focus on needs and not products. The central idea of marketing is that customers want to meet a need or solve a problem and not to buy a product. The concept and why the different mindsetWhat is your operation now - Questions to ask yourselfDo you manufacture products and supply a service to a target market?Do you supply a variety of products?Do you sell your services so your clients buy from you?Once your client gives you a job, do you work for that job? “Selling tries to get the customer to want what the company has”The whole focus is job/product orientated you only work on the job without asking about the customer needs. For example, you are manufacturing an automotive part and the client needs 100 units within 3 days. The order is large and you have to assign a whole line to fulfil the order which you regularly do because he is an important client. A customer-led company would spend a bit of time to ascertain the client specific need and find out that he requires 20 units a day to fulfil his overseas orders. With a bit of research, the company could introduce a "Just in Time" order programme that would provide a solution to everyone's needs. Businesses that are good at satisfying customer needs can grow and satisfy all concernedShareholders - value in the company Managers - pro-active instead of reactiveCustomers - satisfactionEmployees - securityCreditors - high credit rating...

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